Wallace Jr. High School

Word of the week for August 21 is JUDICIOUS – having, exercising, or characterized by sound judgment.   An example of judicious is the decision to attend a particular college after researching several schools and their programs.
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Principal's Message

Wallace Junior High School offers several extracurricular activities. These include student council (active year-round with a student store that generates money for dances and incentives), national junior honor society, volleyball, football, basketball, and cheer-leading.


Students are required to wear uniforms: White $5.00, Black/red $7.00. Any student that exceeds on all three AIMS tests will earn the reward of having Casual Dress Friday for the first quarter of the school year. Students earning a 70% or higher on all quarter tests will also be rewarded with Casual Dress Friday for the next quarter. Additionally, students inducted into National Junior Honor Society can partake in Casual Dress Friday.


We have an excellent staff that works well together and stays in close contact with their students’ parents and guardians.  The office staff understands that a first impression is a lasting impression.  Our front office personnel are friendly, accommodating, and helpful.  We are all here to make the junior high experience the best it can be.  We are always open to suggestions and questions.



The Arizona Department of Education bases a school’s label on high stakes test performances, attendance, adequate yearly progress, etc.  The label is a school’s reward for hard work, perseverance, and the ability to adjust to the constant changes and demands placed upon us.  Given our demographics and the fact that we have a very high number of students qualifying for free and reduced lunches, earning an accomplished label is extremely exciting and rewarding.


Amanda Maxwell, Principal