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About WJH

Welcome to Wallace Junior High!


Wallace Junior High School is a small, rural school with approximately 380 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students.  Our class sizes average around 25-30.  We follow a seven period schedule. The first 6 classes consist of core and academic classes. Period seven is set aside for math re-teach and study hall. On Fridays, we often offer enrichment classes during this final period.  Since we do not offer elective courses, the enrichment classes allow the students to participate in “weekly electives”.  These classes include, but are not limited to:  National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, outdoor sports, yearbook, newspaper, arts and crafts, Earth Science, book studies, classic films and music, gardening, and study hall.  Finally, our athletic programs consist of competitive football, volleyball, cheerleading, wrestling, basketball, soccer, track, and golf.


Students at Wallace Junior High are required to wear uniform shirts. School shirts are $9 each and students may choose from red, black, grey, or white, which are available in the school office. Any student that earns Principal Honor Roll (all As) will earn the reward of having Casual Dress Friday. Additionally, students inducted into National Junior Honor Society can partake in Casual Dress Friday.


Parker Unified School District implemented Beyond Textbooks in 2012. We continue to follow the program. Beyond Textbooks encourages teachers to focus on essential standards in core subject areas. It provides opportunities for teachers to utilize student data collected from weekly formatives, district assessments, and state assessments. Moreover, re-teach and enrichment are key components involved in increasing student achievement.


Our Wallace Junior High staff strives to help your students be the best responsible citizens they can be. As students grow to become more independent individuals, we encourage them to take a highly active role in their education. During this process, we work with parents to help them understand the expectations of junior high and how their student can succeed. The staff works to make a positive impression to help all of our students have the best junior high experience. Our office doors are always open, so please stop in with any questions or suggestions you may have.